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What is an Artyster Urban Inn?

The Artyster Urban Inns, respectful of their environment, are housed in human-sized buildings in the heart of the city.


eat & play

They also allow travelers and neighbours to sleep, eat and play in unique places.

These Artyster Urban Inns are located at the heart of the cities’ economic, cultural and tourist activities

Thus, they include a diverse and new offer in the regions.

Artyster, a generous, friendly and local brand

First, we contribute to local economic dynamics by creating permanent jobs (not delocalizable).

In addition, Artyster facilitates smooth mobility by always taking place in the city centre close to public transport.

Our places with singular design, are designed in connection with the territory and the history of the buildings in which they take place.

Moreover, they are all different and are renovated with a special attention that tends to make the best use of the existing.

Thus, each Artyster offers several types of accommodation (individual, collective, long stays) to better meet the needs of all.

In addition, affordable, generous, authentic and evolving catering, based on local seasonal products, is part of the DNA of our offering.

Afterwards, workspaces, seminar rooms and private salons are available to the local community.

Finally, relaxation areas and fitness rooms (accessible to guests staying at the hotel) are unique assets in this segment of hotels.

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