the pillars

that guide our

daily actions

Artyster: a business with a mission

Artyster has the ambition of becoming a pioneer in this sector. Our convictions find expression through a ESG approach rooted in a positive brand strategy. We carry out an ambitious social policy and advocate for a greater sharing of value creation with our staff. Our decisions are focused on reducing our carbon footprint, the reuse of land and developing local talent. What about you? Are you an Artyster?
Local player

Artyster are also places of service to the local community that host cultural and associative activities. 

That is why we ensure that our establishments are affordable and accessible to as many people as possible over large hourly ranges.

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the 3 pillars

of Artyster

For this, at Artyster, we have chosen to focus our talents on customer relations

We wish the relation to be human, personalized, sincere and direct, in opposite to the current trend of self-check-in. 

As a result, Artyster is positioning itself as an impact brand with the ambition to become one of the leaders in the sector.

This is achieved through an ambitious CSR approach, anchored in a positive brand strategy

Our ambition is based on three pillars

1)  Minimize the environmental impact of our operations as much as possible

2)  Support the economic, cultural and social life of the territories in which we are located

3)  Promote equality, diversity and inclusion through caring management and better sharing of value creation.

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Reducing the environmental impact of our business

Our commitments :

•  Take place in existing assets (by building or artificialization of soils), in the heart of cities, close to public transport.

Design our renovations around preservation and reuse of pre-existing materials and equipment.

•  Do not use polluting materials in rooms. 

•  Systematically study the connection to a district heating network

•  Deploy solar panels where possible and effective.

•  Install presence detectors in all locations.

•  Insulate buildings (door frames, facade and attic insulation).

•  Valuing deconstructed materials

•  Have our layouts made in France from wood from eco-certified forests.

•  Systematically deploy hydro-economical equipment

•  Recover and recover wastewater.

•  Systematically green all outdoor spaces.

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Operate our

plants responsibly

  • Raise CSR awareness among our talent and customers.
  • Deploy selective sorting in conjunction with Metropolises & reduce waste volumes as much as possible (including recyclables).
  • Recover waste that may be recovered.
  • Use renewable energy, green energy
  • Constantly thinking about reducing consumption.
  • Promote soft mobility
  • Reduce consumable uses.
  • Remove overpack and prefer bulk.
  • Reduce food waste as much as possible.
  • Dematerialize 100% to reach 0 papers in institutions. 
  • Work on local, seasonal, short-circuit products from sustainable agriculture
  • Not working endangered species
  • Negotiate directly and fairly with local producers
  • Select suppliers with low carbon deliveries
  • Use clean, environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Repair if possible rather than change.
  • Buy 90% Made in France, including Fixtures, Linen & Bedding.
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the economic life

And cultural and social life of the territories in which we operate.
Our commitments :

  • Sign partnerships with community actors to integrate refugees, people who have had life accidents.
  • Putting our properties at the service of local associations.
  • Fund local cultural events and sponsorship
  • Welcoming artists in residence in our institutions.
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Promote equality

diversity and inclusion

Through caring management and better sharing of value creation

  • Have a salary policy that is more generous than social minima.
  • Organize the sharing of a portion of the company’s value creation.
  • Ensure respect for work/life balance.
  • Hire only on permanent contracts and not outsource.
  • Respect parity and diversity.
  • Integrate and train unqualified but motivated people.
  • Integrate at least 1 disabled worker per asset.
  • Give free access to hostels’ fitness rooms for talent.
  • Organise 2 trainings/year/employee from 1 year of seniority.
  • Give priority to internal developments, promote learning and development of young talents.
  • Offer 1 day of rest per quarter to people who have an active role in a local social, cultural or sports association + adapt schedules according to needs.
  • Favour benevolent and participatory management.
  • Offer 30% discount on accommodation and F&B services for employees.

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