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The Group Artyster

What we do

Cultivate tourism and the economy, in the heart of French cities by purchasing, renovating and transforming, buildings and old hotels into Artyster City Hostels.

What we

believe in

We firmly believe that values shared by all are the foundation of a happy, hearty adventure. We have worked at length with our talented staff to define all that is important to everyone. 

There are four values that describe who we want to be.

Kind: act for the well-being of the community and people, be sincere and appreciative.

Respectful: care about the environment, others, rules and obligations.

Daring: be independent and versatile with a can-do attitude, show conviction and courage.

Curious: discover and be open-minded about other people and cultures, live life to its fullest.

If you share these values, then come join us.

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Artyster is an ambitious venture led by experienced individuals who want to find solutions to the current challenges faced by the hotel and catering industry. 

Olivier, the project’s founder, managed leading international groups for over 15 years and had a hand in three grand-scale mergers in the healthcare and the hotel and catering sectors

Cédric, the creative one, designed places and objects for over 10 years for international brands, corporate offices, industry, and hotel and catering businesses.

As for Alexis, he prepared numerous hotel deals for private equity funds

These three partners are now spearheading the Artyster project. They are taking a more holistic view of what they did before, in keeping with their convictions

They strive to forge a team of talented individuals around them, who want the same as them. The group now has around 100 talented, enthusiastic employees ready to serve our guests.

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